About Hygeia

Hygeia Ortho Pvt Ltd. is a privately held company. Since its establishment and subsequent registration with FDA and acquiring CE, ISO, HOPL has specialised in orthopedic implants (trauma, spine, joints and dental implants) and surgical instruments.

With the state of the art manufacturing facility located in Ahmedabad, HOPL has carved a reputation as most reliable and trusted manufacturer of quality implants and instruments.

Formulated from a vanguard of leading physicians, ingenious engineers and service driven distribution network, we are committed to the most open and streamlined approach to everything we tackle.

With distributors both globally and domestically, we are continuing to grow and expand our footings across the globe.

Work with us to experience better relationships, better profitability and better patient outcomes, because we believe in


Our Products

  • Trauma


    We offer comprehensive range of trauma products and instruments designed to cater the wide variety of fractures faced by traumatologists. Read More
  • Spine


    We provide a comprehensive selection of spine surgery solutions for cervical and thoracolumbar fixation along with minimal invasive surgery products. Read More
  • Sports Injury

    Sport Injury

    We deliver wide and innovative range of products focusing on minimum invasive and open approaches to knee, shoulder, hip and small joints. Read More
  • dental


    We cater a range of dental implant system designed for lifetime and aesthetic tooth replacement solutions providing user friendly solutions. Read More
  • orthopaedic reconstruction

    Orthopedic Reconstruction

    Our product range include hip, knee and shoulder joints as well as ancillary products such as bone cement. Read More
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery

    Minimal Invasive Surgery

    Our MIS product portfolio provides a complete system for your surgical needs for Spine implants and Trauma internal fixation systems. Read More

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